Mar, 2014


The arable enterprise at Fearn Farm is based around production of high quality malting barley for the local whiskey industry.

A total of 350 acres of spring barley are grown for this market, with Concerto and Catriona the main varieties grown, with Concerto a low nitrogen variety and Catriona fulfilling a specialist contract for high nitrogen content malting barley.

An additional 80 acres of winter barley are grown to produce feed barley, while 80 acres is let each year for potato production.

This winter barley is followed by stubble turnips which provide winter forage for the sheep flocks and an entry for the spring barley crops.

Grass leys are used as five year break crops in the arable rotation, with grass leys taken out of production in June each year and sown with stubble turnips before going in to spring barley production.

All straw is baled for winter use and sale, with a further 600 acres of straw bought and baled locally for sale to farms further north and west.

Most arable operations are undertaken by contractors, with local operators Allan W J Wilson used for all significant fieldwork. Sub soiling and fertiliser spreading are the only arable work done in-house.