Apr, 2014


The 35-ewe Beltex flock was founded to complement the Texel flock and offer our ram buyers an alternative type of tup.

Over the years the flock has been developed successfully from a small nucleus, with Cowers Lane Beryl, an influential female in the flock’s foundation and ongoing development, having bred a number of excellent female progeny which now form the backbone of the flock.

As with the Texels the Beltex tups are sold from home and at our annual sale, having historically been sold at local markets and the main breed sale at Carlisle.

Highlights for the flock include the Carlisle sale in 2004 when six tups were sold to average £2200.

In recent years sires have been selected with the aim of adding size and power to the flock, with Callacrag Ruben being particularly successful and influential. This Clary Prankster son was bought at Carlisle in 2012 and has been shown successfully, collecting the interbreed title at Nairn and the breed championship at Black Isle Show.

Fully performance recorded the Beltex flock is managed by 12 year old James Scott and is run on the same commercial lines as the Texel flock.