Beef Shorthorns

Over the past twenty-five years we built up our Beef Shorthorn breeding herd purchasing select females at the start from Glenisla, Dunsyre and latterly from Coldrochie.

To compliment those females we have introduced genetics from New Zealand in the form of embryos which we feel will bring something different to our herd which will in turn offer genetics to others which will perform in the UK environment.

Performance recording is something we have stuck with from the start and our cows are all now classified, we have a strict culling policy which means we are continually improving the quality and functionality of the herd.

Our aim has always been to build a herd of cows which we are proud of and which deliver in many different ways, they need to be able to produce saleable products whether its high quality Scotch Beef, breeding females for retention or sale and breeding bulls which will perform in herds throughout the country.

With the herd now numbering 100 cows we have strength and depth in numbers and have the capacity to keep several bulls which can be matched with cows to produce calves that will meet the demands of the modern beef industry.

We usually sell between 12 and 15 Beef Shorthorn bulls per year which are made available for sale once they have been back fat scanned in May, please get in touch to discuss your requirements.


Current stock sires include: 

Firefox of Upsall

Firefox was bought in 2020 as cover for our existing bull team which was on the young side at the time. He’s a Mandalong Super Elephant son, now ten years of age and still going strong, this is the main reason we have given him more cows over the past two seasons.

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Dunsyre Nimrod

Dunsyre was brought from Carey Coombs in 2020 as a junior herd sire, he’s a smart roan son of Sutherland Bundaberg, a bull who’s progeny we admired many years ago, he has good calving figures which we felt would be ideal for our heifers, he’s grown into a moderate sized bull which has been used on cows and heifers this season.

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Palmerston of Upsall

Palmy was bought this spring in Stirling 2022 for 25,000gns. We liked his figures and felt he would fit well with our cows. He has adapted well to our grass and forage based system and was running with 35 cows for the first cycle until bull were swapped around.

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Redhill Priddy

Like Nimrod, Priddy was bought on his pedigree, we used Belmore Fuel Injected V12 years ago and kept one cow which gave us Fearn Elmer as her last calf and V12 daughters stand out at Glenisla where he was used more heavily.

Priddy isn’t a massive bull which makes him ideal for heifers which is what we use him for mainly

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Alongside our stud cows at Fearn we keep thirty crossbred cows which are used to produce crossbred calves which are either kept for breeding, sold for breeding or finished on farm.

These cows are run with one of our stud bulls and are sometimes used as recipient females for our embryo transfer program.
All heifers and steers are weaned and wintered outside on fodder beet, in the spring they are transitioned onto grass after being split into two groups, breeding heifers and finishing steers and heifers.

Finishing steers and heifers are rotationally grazed throughout the summer and by September they are sold prime either to woodheads or cut and packed privately.
If you would like more information about our freezer packs please get in touch.

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