Oct, 2013


The Scott family have been at Fearn Farm, a low lying farm situated at the based of the Tarbat Peninusla, Easter Ross, for four generations, with each generation taking care to improve the farm for the next.

Ranging from light soils through to heavy clay the farm has always been a mixed unit. The farm currently grows malting barley alongside commercial and pedigree sheep and cattle, with ground also let on an annual basis for potato production.

Management of the farm is largely undertaken by John Scott who farms in partnership with his wife Fiona and parents James and Janet.

Recent years have seen the farm increase in size with 1015 acres owned at Fearn Farm itself and a further 300 acres rented locally. An additional 2600 acres is farmed at the Sutherland block, with this land also rented and farmed by John and Fiona under the Scott Farming Company Ltd banner.

In-hand cropping on the arable enterprise consists winter and spring barley, with winter barley crops followed by stubble turnips for winter grazing.

The sheep enterprise totals some 4200 ewes, with this split between pedigree and commercial flocks, including 130 pedigree Texels, 35 pedigree Beltex and a small flock of New Zealand Suffolks. Alongside this run the remainder of the flock which are commercial crossbred ewes, and embryo recipients for the pedigree flocks.

Aberfield hybrid tups are being bred in conjunction with Innovis for sale as sires to produce prolific, hardy ewes from hill flocks.

On the cattle front the mainstay of the herd is a 50-cow Beef Shorthorn herd which was founded in 1995 alongside 60 commercial crossbred cows which are put to Beef Shorthorn bulls.

John and Fiona’s children, James, 14, Izzy, 12, Lexie, 10, and Archie, 8, all enjoy spending time on the farm, with James taking a particular interest in the Beltex flock and his own growing chicken flock.

Most arable work on the farm is undertaken by contractors, with John and James overseeing all the livestock work and working with a small, close-knit team of staff.

Although owner occupiers of a large proportion of the land they farm the Scott family firmly believe that they are tenants for a generation and have a duty to hand the farm on to their successors in as good a condition if not better than we received it.