Environment at Fearn Farm

As part of our approach to land management we take a responsible approach to looking after the environment and see it as part of our duty to work with nature whilst farming in a regenerative manner.

One of the perks of working on the land is that you get to experience nature at its best, every day we are exposed to various different species of birds and mammals and whenever possible we try and improve the environment they live in.

Over the past twenty years we have planted several miles of hedging and various shelter belts which have not only enhanced the look of the farm but provided shelter for all sorts of creatures both large and small.

Because we are a stock farm and feed livestock throughout the winter we often see birds scratching amongst the straw and hay picking up fallen grain whilst the forage crops we sow provides cover for all.

We have various open ditches and field drains at Fearn which drain the land of excess water, it’s vital that we protect this water and that it reaches the Cromarty firth in its purest form.

With this in mind we have three metre grass margins along all our ditch sides which not only protect the water courses but give cover for nesting birds in early summer such as the grey partridge which is a family favourite.

Our headland kit on the fertiliser spreader makes sure that fertiliser goes on the crop not on the grass margin and this again minimises the risk to waterways.

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