The arable enterprise at Fearn Farm is based around production of high quality malting barley for the local whisky industry.

Currently we grow:

– 180 ha of Lauriet and Sassy Spring Barley which is either sold to Scotgrain or through our local co-operative Highland Grain. Any Spring Barley not suitable for the malting market is used to feed livestock throughout the winter.

– 20 ha of Skyscraper Winter Wheat for Distilling.

– 10 ha of Spring Oats is grown for our own use.

– 10 ha of Peas is grown for our own use.

– 77 ha of Forage Crops. Our Forage Crops (Fodder Beet, Swedes, Stubble Turnips and Forage Rape) play a vital role in how we winter livestock.

All straw is baled for winter use and sale, with a further 250 ha of straw bought and baled locally for sale to farms further north and west.

Award winning local agricultural contractors Allan W J Wilson are used for ploughing, sowing and combining whilst the rest of our machinery work is done by our in house team.

Italian rye is used as a short term grazing or cutting option whilst we like to use the most effective up to date grass varieties for our longer term grazing mixes.

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